Commodore 64


Console Rating Total Downloads Total Size
Stellwar 0.0/5 20
Sumcamp 0.0/5 21
Sldier3 0.0/5 20
Spindizy 0.0/5 30
Stifflip 0.0/5 23
Spooked 0.0/5 35
Strftr2 0.0/5 16
Stopexpr 0.0/5 19


Roms Planet has got a perfect collection of Commodore 64 ROMs that will make you feel like playing on the Commodore-64 itself. This PC was a popular gaming device back in the 1980s and still attracts retro gamers that continually seek to download fresh c64 ROMs. We know it’s tempting but before you start downloading C 64 ROMs on you device, we’d love to give a tribute to this veteran of gaming PCs and recall its history. 

Developed by Commodore International in August 1982, the Commodore 64  was rather expensive - $ 595. Yet, it didn’t stop millions of people from buying it. Precisely, over the period from 1982 to 1994, more than 17 million computers were sold. Today, we understand that the emergence of Commodore 64 was an important event in the world of personal computers. It found application both with games and work, while the most advanced individuals used it for home programming. 

Unlike ordinary consoles, the C64 was a real computer with an operating system and a huge yet poorly regulated software library. The shape of the clumsy joystick of this computer has become kind of a landmark because was very different from the game controllers of the 21st century. In addition, the C64 was famous for its keyboard located above the computer itself. 

Although what we call PC has become those computing devices that eventually led to the death of the C64, Commodore 8-bit machines occupy one of the primary pages in the history of PC gaming.

You can go back into the 1980s with the help of our Commodore 64 emulator games, which you can find on this page. You can as well download a complete Commodore 64 ROM set that comes with an emulator for PC. Commodore 64 emulator for Android can be found on our site as well as in the PlayMarket.