Gameboy Advance / GBA ROMs


Console Rating Total Downloads Total Size
SLOT!PRO 2 Advance GoGo Juggler 0.0/5 83
Okuman Chouja Game 0.0/5 73
JGTO Golf Master Mobile (Eurasia) 0.0/5 71
Shimura Ken No Bakatonosama (Polla) 0.0/5 70
Mutsu Water Looper 0.0/5 79
Gachinko Pro Yakyuu (Chakky) 0.0/5 74
Koinu-Chan No Hajimete No Osanpo - Koino No Kokoro Ikusei Game 0.0/5 73
Kurohige No Kurutto Jintori 0.0/5 78
JGTO Golf Master - Japan Tour Golf Game (Capital) 0.0/5 78
Wannyan Idol Gakuen 0.0/5 75
Nakayoshi Pet Advance Series 3 Kawaii Koneko 0.0/5 80
Japan Pro Mahjong Tetsuman Advance 0.0/5 92
Nakayoshi Mahjan Kaburiichi (NIL) 0.0/5 81
Minna No Soft Series - Minna No Shogi 0.0/5 82
Ikkoku Hattori - Kore 1 Hon De 8 Shurui! (Rapid Fire) 0.0/5 75
Koro Koro Puzzle Happy Panechu! (Nobody) 0.0/5 70
Slot-Pro Advance - Takarafune & Oedoshima Fubuki 2 0.0/5 70
Pro Mahjong Tsuwamono Advance (Supplex) 0.0/5 96
Daimaajan 0.0/5 82
Denki Blocks (Chakky) 0.0/5 83
Nishihara Rieko No Tendou Maajan 0.0/5 83
Koinu To Issho 2 0.0/5 87
Minimoni - Onegai Ohoshi-sama (Polla) 0.0/5 68
Nakayoshi Pet Advance Series 3 Kawaii Koneko (Chakky) 0.0/5 70
Nonono Puzzle Chailien (RivalRoms) 0.0/5 85
Don-Chan Puzzle - Hanabi De Don 0.0/5 72
Wanko De Kururin Wancle 0.0/5 74
Kotoba No Puzzle Mojipittan Advance (Suxxors) 0.0/5 80
Ochainu No Bouken Jima (sUppLeX) 0.0/5 84
Ochaken No Heya 0.0/5 81
Playan - Portable AV Player 0.0/5 73
Simple 2960 Vol. 3 - The Itsudemo Puzzle 0.0/5 69
Oshare Wanko (Supplex) 0.0/5 69
Pazunin - Uminin No Puzzle De Nimu 0.0/5 82
Columns Crown (Cezar) 0.0/5 84
Shanghai 0.0/5 0
Shikakui Atama Wo Marukusuru Advance - Kanji Keisan 0.0/5 78
EZ-Talk 1 (Cezar) 0.0/5 73
EZ-Talk 2 (Cezar) 0.0/5 70
EZ-Talk 5 (Nobody) 0.0/5 97
Nakayoshi Pet Advance Series 2 Kawaii Koinu (Chakky) 0.0/5 78
Shikakui Atama Wo Marukusuru Advance - Kokugo Sansu Rika Shakai 0.0/5 77
Eitangohen - 2000 Words 0.0/5 80
EZ-Talk 6 (Cezar) 0.0/5 71
Eigo Kobuhen Eijukugo Hen 650 Phrases Blue Edition 0.0/5 80
Eigo Kubunhen 0.0/5 76
Minna No Mahjong 0.0/5 95
Minna No Soft Series Numpla Advance 0.0/5 73
Gameboy Advance

What is GBA ROMs

There are consoles that the majority of players have barely heard of, and there are consoles that one simply cannot NOT know of. Game Boy Advance is the latter kind. It is legend of compact consoles, the cool gadget that you could always take with you and play when bored.

The 32-bit console managed to display awesome attention-grabbing games even with sound effects.That's the philosophy of GBA and that's why this console is still loved by players around the world. Did you know that Gameboy is the only gaming device that has been into space? Is this not enough to admit its absolute leadership?

 And today, after so many years, you can get closer to the legend again. How? By simply downloading the Gameboy emulator that you can find on our website to your device. In my humble opinion, gba roms are the best to combat boredom by diving into the great variety of gameboy emulator games right here and now!

But first, let’s touch upon a little bit of history here. Gameboy has become a true hit when it first got into the market. It all started in 2001 when Nintendo released a portable next-generation gaming console, so much anticipated by enthusiastic gamers. Game Boy Advance console gives you a game of quality stationary consoles in a pocket version, and its bright, colorful and intuitive design looks classy even after so many years. Game Boy Advance console pleases an eye with rich colors. Even the console itself used to come in a variety of colors.

Built-in speakers allowed to hear the sounds of the best gba games roms without headphones. Yet, it was  enough to connect headphones to plunge into the realm of powerful stereo sound. There was pretty much everything: a multi-level background music, exciting sound effects and speech in crystal stereo sound – a real sound bomb! Imagine what kind of luxury it was to have such a toy back then, in 2000s?

Just a pair of regular AA batteries was enough to run roms on gba console for fifteen hours straight. While it does not sound too impressive today, it used to be. Game Boy Advance and Nintendo GameCube  are not merely the world's leading independent gaming systems. They will stay in history as the pioneers of progressive gaming experiences.


So, here you are on our website trying to find free roms gba to somehow play them on whatever device you have. The first thing to think of at this point is the emulator. No emulator - no games. That's why we are never tired to remind our visitors that before trying to run gba roms download the emulator first.

What is this emulator we are constantly talking about? Emulators are usually created by true gaming enthusiasts. Creating an emulator is a difficult task that requires certain programming skills and experience, as well as the perfect knowledge of the emulated device. Therefore, emulators of the same system may differ both in the accuracy of the emulation and in the requirements to the computer or other device they are going to be installed on. Currently, there are many fairly accurate emulators of the majority of existing consoles with an exception of the game systems of the latest generation and very rare or very complicated old system.

To be more technical, emulator is a computer program that allows you to obtain the imitation of a game console on a personal computer, smartphone, other game console (cross-platform emulation) or any other device. A typical case of using the emulator is to run old games on modern PCs or gaming devices (called ‘retrogaming’, which is exactly our case). An emulator can also be a very useful tool for creating custom demos, games or programs for older systems.

The code and data required to run the emulator exist as ROM image files (a copy of the contents of the game cartridge) or disk image files (when using the original optical media system). Since most computer games are protected by copyright, the distribution of these files is illegal, despite distribution on the Internet. There are devices that provide the emulator with direct access to the cartridge data directly, which eliminates the use of ROM image files.

Download GBA ROMs

You might be wondering why would programmers bother with compatibility issues when moving totally outfashioned games to modern-day devices? Aren’t there are tons of perfect new games to play? Well, first, they are NOT out of fashion. Second, and this is a reversed opinion to the previous claim, they are super popular! And maybe even more loved by an average player than the most recent top-rated games. All there is to it is that retro gaming is in full swing in 2019 and keeps gaining momentum.

On our website, you can easily download gba rom along with emulator software required to run them on your device. You can be confident that we only offer free gba roms with no hidden costs or fees.

Thanks to us, you can have all gameboy advance roms to yourself, just by downloading it on your phone gadget. The best gba roms can be installed and played on any OS. We haven’t mentioned Apple users, can they play too? Of course! Just pick the download option for iOS devices and do the rest as usual. Roms for gba will basically turn your mobile device into Gameboy Advance that you missed so much.

Best GBA Games

You have probably heard of the notorious gba pokemon roms and maybe even started looking for ways to play it again. Despite being one of the most popular games, it is not the only worthy rom by gba. Our library has hundreds of cool roms gba that will be enough for you to play one by one for months! Apart from relative availability of coolroms gba roms have countless perks, which is why they are in such a demand.

First of all, almost any gba rom is easy to find on the Internet. Just Google for “pokemon roms gba” or another game of choice and there you are (just remember to avoid dubious websites). With the help of an emulator, your phone (no matter iOS or Android) virtually becomes your renewed and good-looking Gameboy Advance.

Coolrom gba roms are easy to find when you know how to look high and low. Pick a site majoring in gba roms for android, roms gba, roms gba color, etc., and you will be able to enjoy popular games on the go. Pokémon, legends of Zelda, Super Mario, Dragon ball Z, Kirby, and more.

Gba free roms are an ideal solution for a lovely pastime. Simply enjoy fantastic gameboy advance games on your phone, tablet, or computer without thinking about running out of battery, or struggling to find room to carry a handheld gaming device around with you like we all used to before. The Roms Planet is made for retro gaming lovers. So do take a look at some of the amazing free download services on offer.

GBA ROMs for Android

Almost like the history of mobile and cell phones, he history of computer and video games has barely spanned 30 years. And, just like phones, they have long become a part of our culture. Most of these games could be hopelessly outdated and forgotten. But thanks to the magic of modern technology and people who took their time to develop it, you can totally play them even after decades of immutable innovations in this area. You can as well notice that there are modern games disguised as retro which sometimes may be almost impossible to tell apart!

Android is the least demanding and open-source OS known. If you are a user of Android, we have a section GBA ROMS ANDROID where you can find all the most loved games to run on your phone. What can be better than having all the most loved mini-entertainment tools right in your most carried gadget?

The emulators that you can find on this page cannot be found in PlayStore, which is why you’ll have to download them as an apk. file and install. Please, ignore the security warnings - we publish only checked and virus-free files on our website.    

Cool ROMs

The past always seems better than the present. Remembering the excitement and pleasure that we used to receive from playing overly simplistic games on 32, 16 and even 8-bit consoles, we can’t believe it is gone forever. Many gamers not only look back but also try to revive old memories which is why retro games will never cease to be in demand. These are not just the games of the 21 century but creations that are enjoyed by several generations of gamers!

Our website contains the most original games that have become the first “love” of millions of today's fans of computer games. Good old 32-bit games like Dragonball Z, Super Mario, Kirby, Legend of Zelda, and Pokemon are by all means the top gba roms that together with the best pokemon gba roms and quests are waiting for their fans.

Do not assume that retro is necessarily something bad-looking and dull. Modern developers are not alien to the sense of beauty, so they tool care and ‘fixed’ number of old games by adapting them to modern graphics. Thanks to them, you are able to  enjoy the masterpieces that have not lost their popularity even after so many years. If you did not have time to get familiar with the legendary works like pokemon gba roms in childhood, now is the time to catch up!