Gameboy Color ROMs

Console Rating Total Downloads Total Size
Pokemon Yellow Version 4.1/5 19,125 500.17 Kb
Pokemon Crystal Version (V1.1) 3.8/5 15,473 1006.41 Kb
Pokemon Gold Version 4.1/5 9,894 731.1 Kb
Pokemon - Silver Version 4.3/5 8,017 731.22 Kb
Pokemon Diamond (Hack) 3.9/5 2,505 611.05 Kb
Pokemon - Blue Version 4.3/5 10,984 371.65 Kb
Pokemon Red Version 3.6/5 7,465 371.88 Kb
Pokemon - Blue Version (UA) 5.0/5 1,806 371.2 Kb
Pokemon Diamond V2 (Hack) 3.6/5 1,660 615.26 Kb
Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (V1.1) 4.9/5 3,925 346.54 Kb
Pokemon Trading Card Game 4.1/5 4,142 459.61 Kb
Legend Of Zelda, The - Link's Awakening (V1.2) 3.8/5 6,876 290.52 Kb
Grand Theft Auto 2 4.1/5 2,486 683.58 Kb
Super Mario Bros. Deluxe 4.3/5 1,511 349.64 Kb
Legend Of Zelda, The - Oracle Of Ages 5.0/5 4,581 681.4 Kb
Legend Of Zelda, The - Oracle Of Seasons 4.0/5 3,838 909.79 Kb
Dragon Ball Z - Legendary Super Warriors 4.1/5 1,502 660.19 Kb
Pokemon Trading Card Game 0.0/5 0
Legend Of Zelda, The - Link's Awakening DX (V1.2) 4.5/5 1,945 490.24 Kb
Pokemon Pinball 4.0/5 1,627 310.23 Kb
Donkey Kong Country 4.5/5 0 1.18 Mb
Resident Evil Gaiden 4.8/5 1,408 667.13 Kb
Tetris 3.6/5 7,440 19.54 Kb
Mega Man Xtreme 4.4/5 1,123 494.46 Kb
Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories 5.0/5 1,314 1.6 Mb
Pokemon Pinball 0.0/5 0
007 - The World Is Not Enough 5.0/5 0 546.57 Kb
Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone (M13) 4.0/5 1,679 2.64 Mb
Grand Theft Auto 5.0/5 1,406 1.43 Mb
Legend Of Zelda, The - Oracle Of Seasons 0.0/5 0
Mortal Kombat 4 4.4/5 0 293.78 Kb
Mega Man Xtreme 2 0.0/5 890 529.34 Kb
Dragon Warrior III 4.5/5 968 1.91 Mb
Pokemon Puzzle Challenge 0.0/5 502 792 Kb
Mario Tennis 4.3/5 0 782.76 Kb
Legend Of Zelda, The - Oracle Of Ages 0.0/5 0
Mortal Kombat 4 0.0/5 0
Resident Evil Gaiden 0.0/5 0
Harvest Moon 3 GBC 5.0/5 897 623 Kb
Disney's Tarzan 4.8/5 0 955.07 Kb
Shantae 4.5/5 963 1.24 Mb
Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets 3.5/5 2,202 2.74 Mb
Bubble Bobble 3.0/5 3,606 127.87 Kb
Simpsons, The - Night Of The Living Treehouse Of Horror 0.0/5 1,046 463.2 Kb
1942 4.5/5 2,313 56.38 Kb
102 Dalmatians - Puppies To The Rescue 2.0/5 586 318.87 Kb
Street Fighter Alpha - Warriors' Dreams 0.0/5 846 521.67 Kb
Donkey Kong 2001 4.0/5 667 1.15 Mb
Aladdin 3.8/5 0 364.37 Kb
Dragon Warrior Monsters 4.8/5 1,129 771.75 Kb

About Gameboy Color Roms (GBC Roms)

Gameboy Color is a powerful handheld GB console that appeared back in 1998. It was a real color screen, nothing like its monochrome predecessors. The game console was equipped with an LCD display with a color scheme comparable to that of NES. The console came with more than 700 games of various genres (arcades, strategy, simulation, sports games, etc.,) a large portion of which were Pokemon games. We are sure you’ve heard of Disney's Tarzan, Grand Theft Auto, Mortal Kombat, Harvest Moon, Blade, and many other items. You could even play some ‘survival horror’ there!

It is difficult to describe the thrill and excitement that this amazing toy has brought to gamers of the early 2000s. If you have long had the temptation to spend and evening or two with Gameboy Color in your hands but never had such an opportunity, no worries! You can still do that, even without having the GBC console itself. How? Simply by downloading GBC ROM and an emulator software from our archives. As you see, it won’t cost you a dime to have them on your PC or any other device free of charge.

Gameboy Color emulator for Android and iOS devices includes all the necessary features to enjoy the top Gameboy Color ROMs of the legendary provider on your mobile. All the files and their installation come without extra requirements. You will be able to choose a disk and a folder to save your games to and you’ll have the ability to adjust the speed of the game, touch buttons as well as to download free ROMs GBC files directly from a compressed file that was previously placed in the games folder.

This means that in order to use the application you need to download games separately, otherwise, the emulator installed on your mobile phone will be useless. Note that GBA and GBC ROM may not require separate emulators since they are very similar.  

Gameboy Color is a great emulator that works well enough on any Android or iOS device. However, if your phone is old, most of the games can run very slowly... if at all. We don’t want to give you the wrong idea that old games will run on outdated devices well :) With our emulators, the problem is non-existent. 

Are GBC ROMs free to play?

Yes, Gameboy Color emulator is entirely free to download and play on your laptop, PC, or phone! It has been turned into ROM files so that you could run them on whichever modern device you choose. On our website, you can download ROMs GBC (Gameboy Color) but you cannot play online. Hopefully, that won’t be a problem since the whole process will take just a sec. Simply follow the menu and find the games you want and emulator required to run them. Do you remember the crazy-popular Pokemon series games? You can refresh the memories right now, all only takes a minute to download the Pokemon GBC ROM from our site to your device. 

If you cannot live without your phone and rarely use laptop or PC, just download game files in corresponding sections: ‘GBC ROMs Android’ and ‘GBC ROMs iOS.’ If you have an alternative operating system installed on your phone, you can still try downloading and installing ROMs GBC files. Once the game is on your phone you can play whenever and wherever you are, with or without connection to the Internet. 

The best thing about us is that we offer entirely free GBC ROMs. We don’t receive any commission or other kind of incentives. We are simply fans of cool roms gbc, just like you! That’s why we invite you to appreciate the results of our hard work and try playing at least one of hundreds of games introduced on Roms Planet. We are sure, you’ll find lots of familiar names here like Super Mario, Pokemon Yellow Version, Legend Of Zelda, Grand Theft Auto 2, Dragon Ball Z, Donkey Kong Country, and many more.