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Console Rating Total Downloads Total Size
Pleiadce 0.0/5 12
Lstduelb 0.0/5 29
Plotting 0.0/5 0
Losttmbh 0.0/5 10
Monymony 0.0/5 22
Oscarj1 0.0/5 14

MAME 037B11

We’ve prepared something really special for you on this page. You can download MAME ROMs easy and fast and start a truly cross-platform retro gaming. But, what is this thing, anyway? If you’ve never heard about it, let us tell you some key facts. 

MAME is an emulator designed with a noble aim. It was configured to recreate consoles in the form of software in order to prevent the disappearance of old games. The emulator supports 4266 unique games and 8286 MAME ROM sets (each game can have one or more clones). The name of the program is an acronym for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator.

Why do we want you to know about this emulator? Firstly, because it supports games of more than one console. So, it is a cross-platform emulator. Which makes it really convenient, no need to download a separate emulator for each console. And you are free to run GameBoy ROMs or Nintendo ROMs having only one emulator installed. By the way all of them are available at RomsPlanet. Super convenient!  

Who and when came up with such a genius idea? The first public release of version 0.1, authored by Nikola Salmoria, took place on February 5, 1997. But not all games supported by the console are actually playable: at the moment, around 1200 images of games are not working, and another 45 are BIOS images.

Currently, the project leader is Aaron Giles. MAME is ported to many different platforms. For instance, the version for Mac OS X is MacMAME.  

On this page, you can find MAME ROMs absolutely free of charge. These arcade ROMs will take you in the journey across games of multiple providers. Try out the most frequently downloaded mame ROMs: Pacman, 1943, Xmen, Contra, Goldnaxe, 64street, and others.