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Nintendo Virtual Boy

Virtual Boy ROMs that you can find on our website will allow you to play the long-forgotten Mario Clash, 3-D Tetris, and Jack Bros on whatever device you have by your side. Roms Planet have gathered all these VirtualBoy ROMs to bring them right at your fingertips.We took care and compiled the best Virtual Boy games in one Virtual Boy ROM set so that you could download them all in one package. 

If you didn’t play Virtual Boy games as a kid or you owned a different console - no problem. We are happy to introduce it to you now. (If you are not that into reading, you can move on to the Virtual Boy download section right away!) 

Before Virtual Boy was created by Nintendo, there existed not a single home game console, capable of displaying 3D graphic images. Besides, Virtual Boy allowed to produce an accurate illusion of volume with the help of the so-called parallax effect.

Released in 1995, the console entered the US market on the same year. For American gamers, the price was about $180. Even being quite affordable, it arouse no excitement in buyers. The marketing guys tried offering discounts continually but it did not help. As a result, support for the console was terminated as early as the very next year.

Who, if not the true retro gamers, know the value of underestimated consoles? We believe that Virtual Boy by Nintendo is one of such devices. Since you’ve been looking for VirtualBoy ROMs, we bet you are one of such connoisseurs. We welcome you to freely download and enjoy the top-notch Nintendo Virtual Boy games that were and are still in demand by online gamers. We regularly publish new Virtual Boy ROM games here so stay in touch for updates.