Super Mario Galaxy 2

Ever since Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario World gave rise to a noble dynasty of games for a variety of Nintendo consoles, platformers about a cheerful Italian did not have direct sequels (after Super Mario Bros. 2 and 3 sequels did more and more for spin-offs, mainly for pocket consoles).

Shigeru Miyamoto, the permanent designer of the series, has always taken on only something truly grand and monumental. All of his arcades are, by and large, completely different games, for loyalty to tradition, united by an eternal story about how a mustachioed plumber saves his beloved woman.

And in this context, the decision to launch the main character of Super Mario Galaxy 2 into space once again seemed extremely strange: everything related to planets seemed to have been invented in the game for a long time. But soon after the launch of Super Mario Galaxy 2 for Nintendi WII, it becomes clear - no, not yet.

The basic rules of Super Mario Galaxy 2 are at first sight the same as any other Mario platformer: the hero runs, jumps and collects coins. Then it turns out that the macaroni can also quickly turn around at the stroke of the remote control and thus attack opponents. The second fundamental difference is in the basic mechanics: in addition to coins, you also have to collect stars, and Mario attracts them with the cursor. In addition, by aiming with a moat, stars can be shot; killing someone like that will not work, but knocking to the ground or paralyzing is easy.

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