Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros Nintendo – What The Fuss Is All About

The main characters of the game are Mario - the world's most famous plumber - and his brother Luigi. While playing the game, you get to explore The Mushroom Kingdom. Along the way, you are going to have to escape or abolish the armed forces of the King of the Koopas - also known as Bowser – so as to salvage the Princess he has kidnapped. Mario (or Luigi) attacks his enemies by hopping on them from above (this method kills the Goomba mushrooms and briefly defuses the Koopa turtles, driving them to shelter in their shells) or thumping the platform on which the opponent is positioned from underneath. "Scared" turtles can be used as a weapon against other rivals. 

Some opponents - such as Spiny the porcupines - cannot be hopped on as this will hurt Mario. They can be slain by shelling fireballs, thrusting a turtle at them, or thumping the platform from underneath. The same goes for the flesh-eating plants that frequently appear from tubes sticking out in the ground. Some of these tubes are walkways to the bonus level, a chamber in which you can find some coins, and at the same time cut the path to the exit from the level. 

There are also saplings along which Mario elevates to the clouds, a bonus level at which there is a huge number of coins, and there are no enemies. After the player has passed the last level of the eighth world, he will be able to start a more challenging mode.

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Super Mario Bros ROM is a platforming video game developed and released in 1985 by the Japanese company Nintendo for the Famicom platform. It made it to the Guinness Book of Records as the best-selling game in history. After the game's success, its protagonist, Mario, became the symbol of Nintendo and one of the most famous playable characters in the world. The game was inspired by Namco's arcade game Pac-Land and was supposed to be the last cartridge game for the Famicom game console.

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The Legacy

Super Mario Bros. has long been the world's best-selling game after Tetris. In total, according to Nintendo, about 40 million copies of the game were sold, which allowed it to get into the Guinness Book of Records. The game is ranked #1 on EGM's "200 Greatest Video Games of Its Time" list and has been ranked number one on the Imagine Games Network's "100 Games of All Time" list several times. 

The first Super Mario level is considered a classic example of how you can teach the game with a simple level design. Mario appears in the left corner and the screen is blank - go right. After that, the Goomba, a simple enemy that can be jumped over appears - if the player does not jump, he will lose little. Jumping over the Goomba, Mario will most likely touch a secret brick, and a mushroom of increase will fly out from there, which is difficult to miss even with a strong desire.