Playstation / PSX ROMs


Console Rating Total Downloads Total Size
Madden_NFL_2005_[SLUS-01584] 0.0/5 75
American Pool [SLUS-01488] 0.0/5 69
Final Doom [SLUS-00331] 0.0/5 89
Bushido Blade [SCUS-94180] 0.0/5 73
Bomberman Party Edition [SLUS-01189] 0.0/5 71
Agile Warrior F-111X [SLUS-00023] 0.0/5 86
Final Fantasy Chronicles - Final Fantasy IV [SLUS-01360] 0.0/5 79
Tomb Raider 3 Adventures Of Lara Croft [SLUS-00691] 0.0/5 104
Megaman Legends 2 [SLUS-01140] 0.0/5 70
Bloody Roar [SCUS-94199] 0.0/5 88
Alien Trilogy [SLUS-00007] 0.0/5 87
Croc 2 [SLUS-00634] 0.0/5 97
Bugs Bunny - Lost In Time [SLUS-00838] 0.0/5 85
Syphon Filter [SCUS-94240] 0.0/5 88
Army Men - Sarge's Heroes 2 [SLUS-01202] 0.0/5 91
Legend Of Legaia (ccd)[SCUS-94254] 0.0/5 87
Breath Of Fire IV [SLUS-01324] 0.0/5 73
Ace Combat 2 [SLUS-00404] 0.0/5 98
Brave Fencer Musashi [Bonus Disc] [SquareSoft '98 Collector's CD Vol.2 - Final Fantasy VIII] [SLUS-90029] 0.0/5 83
Casper [SLUS-00162] 0.0/5 85
Digimon - Digital Card Battle [SLUS-01328] 0.0/5 80
Driver_2_[Disc2of2]__[SLUS-01318] 0.0/5 73
Dance Dance Revolution - USA Mix [SLUS-01280] 0.0/5 81
Need For Speed [SLUS-00204] 0.0/5 93
Star Wars Dark Forces [SLUS-00297] 0.0/5 85
Bubble Bobble - Featuring Rainbow Islands [SLUS-00370] 0.0/5 64
ATV - Quad Power Racing [SLUS-01137] 0.0/5 75
Army Men 3D [SLUS-00491] 0.0/5 76
Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace [SLUS-00884] 0.0/5 73
Heart Of Darkness [Disc1of2] [SLUS-00696] 0.0/5 83
Big Bass Fishing [SLUS-01442] 0.0/5 71
Arcade's Greatest Hits - The Midway Collection 2 [SLUS-00450] 0.0/5 89
Twisted Metal 3 [SCUS-94249] 0.0/5 102
Vigilante 8 [SLUS-00510] 0.0/5 82
Iss Pro Evolution [SLUS-01014] Img 0.0/5 89
Barbie Explorer [SLUS-01361] 0.0/5 76
Ghost In The Shell [SLUS-00552] 0.0/5 85
Need For Speed II [SLUS-00276] 0.0/5 86
X Men Mutant Academy 2 [SLUS-013.82] 0.0/5 89
Nascar 98 Collector S Edition [SLUS-00647] 0.0/5 89
Wild 9 [SLES-01333] 0.0/5 80
Cabela's Big Game Hunter - Ultimate Challenge [SLUS-01391] 0.0/5 80
Tales Of Phantasia 0.0/5 0
Animaniacs - Ten Pin Alley 2 [SLUS-00784] 0.0/5 78
Medievil II [SCUS-94564] 0.0/5 79
FIFA World Cup 2002 [SLUS-01449] 0.0/5 80
Command & Conquer - Red Alert - Soviets Disc [SLUS-00485] 0.0/5 84
Apocalypse [SLUS-00373] 0.0/5 76
Tomb Raider 4 The Last Revelation [SLUS-00885] 0.0/5 103
Nba Live 2003 [SLUS-01483] 0.0/5 107

History of PSX ROMs

Before we start discussing Sony PlayStation ROMs, let’s refresh our memories on this device. Originally, Sony Playstation was seen by developers merely as an addition to Super Nintendo but their mutual project was closed after a well-known argument between Sony and Nintendo. However, an engineer at Sony, Ken Kutaragi, decided not to abandon this undertaking. And after some disagreements with the management of the company, he managed to convince them that the project should be developed independently, without the participation of Nintendo.This 32-bit game console of the 5th generation became Sony's debut project in the world of consoles. Later on it will be followed by a bunch of improved versions: PSone, PocketStation, PlayStation2, PS Portable and PlayStation3.

The estimated release date of the console was scheduled for January 1993, and the price was to be $200. Despite disagreements with Nintendo, it was announced that the console would be compatible with Nintendo games. It was also planned that Sony Playstation will not only serve as an entertainment console, but also as a training tool. In addition, Sony did manage to enlist the support of minor developers, primarily NAMCO.

In Japan, Sony Playstation was on sale starting December 2, 1994 at a price of 39800 yen ($400). In the US, the console appeared on September, 9 1995 at a price of $299. The very first weekend resulted in the sale of  more than 100,000 consoles. PSX appeared in Australia, Germany and the rest of Europe the same year. Even up till today the PSX is amidst the most popular consoles due to the extensive library of games that comprises about 1000 items!  

Nowadays, PSX ROMs games are on top of popularity. It is okay to play them on Windows computers, tablets and smartphones on Android and iOS. You can game at home or at work, with or without Internet connection - not a problem if you previously downloaded everything. That is why, all it takes is to download an emulator, which will allow you to create a PlayStation ISO on your phone, and the PlayStation emulator ROMs. And if you didn’t know, all the best PlayStation ROMs are gathered here in one place for free download.  

What operating systems support PSX ROMs?

With the help of PS1 ROMs everyone can turn back to childhood and play the amazing Resident Evil 3, Yu-Gi-Oh! - Forbidden Memories, Tekken 3, Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 3-Warped, and other thrilling games. 

PSX ROMs that you can find on our site will easily run on your device, no matter whether it is Windows, Android, or iOS. It means that all devices powered by any of these operating systems can become a worthy new PlayStation! That is what you do: turning you new device into a console for the time of playing. Not only it is easy, free of cost, and fast but also super entertaining! Once on your portable gadget, you can enjoy any PSX ROM no matter where you go!    

The fact that Play Station ROMs can be run on any device makes PSX games very common. Besides, the PSX download process is one of the easiest you’ve had to experience - simply find a PlayStation ROM game you need and download the corresponding emulator. With both of them successfully installed, you are free to enjoy the perfect PlayStation One ROMs on your laptop, phone, or tablet. Metal Slug X, Crash Bandicoot 2 - Cortex Strikes Back, Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter, Dragon Ball GT -Final_Bout, and Final Fantasy V, and many other games are waiting for you at Roms Planet!